A PGA Associate and US Kids Golf Certified Instructor, Mike has developed a great following due to his swing ideas and improvement techniques. He has been influenced by the best ball strikers like Ben Hogan, Lee Trevino, Jack Nicklaus, Annika Sorenstam, and Moe Norman, and the top teachers like Ernest Jones, Doug Edgar, Mike Austin, and Bob Toski. Mike tailors a plan for each player to maximize their potential in the long and short games so that scores are dramatically lowered. Mike uses unique drills and repetition to make a player practice as if they are on a golf course. The perennial golf quote "The longest walk in golf is from the driving range to the 1st tee" will become lost in translation as you advance with Mike. He focuses on chipping, pitching, and putting as much as the driver and irons.


After mastering the basic fundamentals of golf, Mike has his students:


1. Master the putting stroke

2. Learn how to read greens

3. Improve chipping technique

4. Master bunker play

5. Choose the right club & shot

6. Maximize driving distance

7. Reduce the # of thoughts

8. Discover the feel of their swing

9. Focus on ball flight and target

10. Learn to improve their score


Mike will teach how to achieve great rhythm and tempo while skyrocketing your overall golf IQ. Mike will also discuss his secrets to better golf and better scores that allow his students to win tournaments, pro ams, member guests, scrambles, and break 100/90/80/70.


Mike has helped pros, weekend players, women, and juniors throughout the DC Metro area. Whether your goal in golf is breaking 100, 90, 80, 70, improving a part of your game, or getting started, Mike will help you achieve your goal. As a multiple sport athlete, Mike understands how motion, power, touch, and consistency are utilized in sports movements. He will use your athleticism to teach you in ways that others may not have. Mike will review and assess your athleticism, talents, and abilities to help develop and evolve your personal swing and game. His focus on communication and trust develops a better understanding of the game and creates champions.